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Our children need to see their reflection. In children's books and in literature, they need to see their religion represented accurately and positively, and they need to see that they inherited a legacy of light (true guidance).

Our goal at DreamForward Books is simple: with the Will and Permission of the Most Merciful, the Most Kind, the Most Generous, we hope – in shaa Allaah – to contribute to the growing number of books for Muslim children, by publishing books that adhere to the Quran and Authentic Sunnah as it was understood and practiced by As-Salaf as-Salih.

We are dreaming and thinking of the ummah that will succeed us, so we are publishing today for the ummah of tomorrow®. We ask Allah to accept this small effort from us, to bless it, to keep our intention pure, seeking only His Pleasure and His Noble Face, and we ask Him to forgive us our shortcomings.

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