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Website Use

This privacy policy (Privacy Policy) explains DreamForward Books’ (DFB) practices around your personal information. Before using our site (OUR SITE) (, please read this Privacy Policy and make sure you understand it.

​DFB does not collect or store any personal information when you visit OUR SITE nor does DFB use cookies. However, the company that hosts OUR SITE may use cookies, collect and store personal information (or do both) from visitors to sites it hosts. DFB chooses not to access any personal data of SITE visitors that may be made available to it by the hosting company. DFB is not responsible for and will not be held liable for how the hosting company collects, retains or processes information collected from visitors to sites it hosts.

Purchasing Books or other Merchandise

When you purchase books or other merchandise from DFB, we do collect and retain the personal information you submit to complete your purchase, with the exception of payment information (i.e., we do not have access to customers’ credit card, Paypal, banking information, etc.); however, the information you submit to purchase DFB merchandise is not used for any purpose other than to send your purchase to you. DFB will never share or sell your personal information with anyone insha’Allaah, unless required to do so by law. Be aware, however, that the third-party company that handles the printing and fulfilment of books published by DFB may collect and retain your personal information in its database. DFB is not responsible for and will not be held liable for how the third-party company collects, retains or uses your personal information. When you purchase books published by DFB, you will need to read the privacy policy of the printing and fulfilment company, available on their website.

Your data

DFB follows GDPR guidelines for data protection. We will also NEVER sell your personal data or provide a third-party with your personal data, unless required to do so by law. If you choose to receive updates from DFB, any information you share will be handled according to GDPR regulations. DFB uses Sendinblue email marketing software, which also handles personal data according to GDPR regulations. 

Updates to our Privacy Policy

DFB may, at its discretion and at any time, update this Privacy Policy to reflect how we interact with your personal information. DFB may also update this privacy policy at any time to comply with applicable laws. Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be reflected here in this document; therefore, it’s a good idea for you to check this page occasionally to verify whether any updates or changes have been made.

By visiting, browsing, using, or purchasing merchandise from or via the SITE, you affirm your understanding and consent to DFB’s Privacy Policy. If, for any reason, you do not agree with DFB’s Privacy Policy, you must not use, visit or browse the SITE and you must leave the SITE immediately. Any questions regarding our privacy policy should be directed to .