Schools and Library Discounts

DFB is committed to ensuring Muslim youth experience positive literacy outcomes, and that means helping the schools that educate our youth have access to Islamcially appropriate literacy resources. To see that goal materilise biithnillaah, DFB offers discounts to Islamic Schools, Islamic Weekend Schools, public libraries, and public schools. 

DFB's publications are:

  • Islamically appropriate - the religion of Islam is presented accurately, free of innovations and anything that opposes the Quran and authentic Sunnah. 
  • Exciting, plot driven stories - each book we publish provides children with fun, enjoyable, exciting stories. The religion is taught and presented in an age-appropriate manner, but incorporated into the story in a natural, exciting manner. 
  • Reviewed by students of knowledge to ensure all content follows the Quran and sunnah as understood and practised by as-salaf as-salih
  • Outstanding for novel studies, literature circles, writing workshops, shared reading, and more!
  • A great addition to any school, classroom or public library. 

Please contact us for more information, to request a catalogue and to place your order.