Can I submit my manuscript for publication consideration?

At this time, DreamForward Books is not accepting manuscript submissions. Please check the Manuscript Submissions page regularly to see when submissions are open. Jazak Allaahu khairan for your interest.

Can I photocopy your publications or sections from your publications for my class/weekend school/etc.?

DreamForward Books does not give permission or authorise the duplication or reproduction of any of our publications, in whole or in part, whether by photocopying, scanning, or any other means electronic or otherwise. DFB also does not give permission or authorise the copying or alteration of any of our publications - in whole or in part, the content on our website, or any other materials we publish or may publish in the future whether in print, digital, or any other form. And DFB does not give permission or authorise the uploading or storage of our publications in any retrieval system (e.g., database, cloud service, etc.). These restrictions apply for profit or not-for-profit purposes.

Does DreamForward Books offer discounts to Islaamic Schools?

Yes. Please contact DFB for more information regarding bulk discounts for Islaamic Schools or weekend schools.