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Grade 4 & 5 (Year 5 & 6) Reading Comprehension Set

Grade 4 & 5 (Year 5 & 6) Reading Comprehension Set

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Two books that help students learn and practice the elements common to all stories, using the ten questions shared in 10 Questions that Improve Reading Comprehension

The Sentries of the Sunnah discover a secret door in the masjid! They decide not to explore it until they think it's safe, but Muhammad, one of the Sentries, decides he wants to be the one to discover what lies behind the door. Muhammad disobeys his parents and ends up disappearing! In Mystery of the Masjid, the Sentries of the Sunnah try to discover what happened to their friend. 

Sentry of the Sunnah Ismaeel can't seem to pass his spelling tests and his parents warn him that if his scores don't improve, he'll be in big trouble. Ismaeel devises a plan that soon causes more problems than it solves. In The Mistakes of a Sentry, the Sentries of the Sunnah try to help Ismaeel pass not only his spelling tests but the more important tests of fearing Allaah, having integrity and being honest.  

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