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Anfaal Early Reader Pack

Anfaal Early Reader Pack

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Anfaal is Fair (Format)
Anfaal's Pretty New Pencils (Cover)

Save on two of DFB's bestselling titles! In Anfaal's Pretty New Pencils, Anfaal has pretty new pencils and she learns how Islam teaches us to share. And when Anfaal's mother gives her a bag of gummy bears and tells her to share them with her little brother, Anfaal is tested with the temptation to deceive her little brother. Will Anfaal remember that Islam teaches us to want for our brother what we want for ourselves? Find out in Anfaal is Fair. 

Emerging and Early Readers will encounter in each book:

  • Easy to read text, helping them master literacy skills and gain confidence as they read independently;
  • High sight-word frequency and gorgeous illustrations support them with decoding text,
  • An engaging story that helps them strengthen their reading skills while having fun, and
  • Like all DFB books, Anfaal's Pretty New Pencils and Anfaal is Fair have been checked by students of knowledge - safe reading for your emerging reader!

6 Free bookmarks & a Free Lesson Plan with Purchase!

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