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Sentries of the Sunnah Bundle

Sentries of the Sunnah Bundle

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Enjoy all the adventures of the Sentries of the Sunnah in one convenient pack!

The Sentries face bullying and teasing as they try to implement a sunnah of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) in Book 1- Nabil's Pants

The Sentries struggle to find a way to help an angry new student adjust to a new school and a new religion, in Book 2 - Adnan's Anger.

In Book 3 - Don't Pass in Front, Sentry of the Sunnah Jaabir, gets into an argument with another student about the salat. The argument escalates and Jaabir loses his patience and makes a choice he soon regrets and doesn't know how to correct.

A Sentry goes into the masjid and then goes missing! In Book 4 - Mystery in the Masjid, the Sentries of the Sunnah try to discover the secret of the masjid that may lead them to their missing friend.

When he keeps failing his tests, cheating looks like the way to better grades for one of the Sentries of the Sunnah. In Book 5 - The Mistakes of a Sentry, the Sentries team up to help a friend make the right choice, even if it means failing his class.   

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